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Spring/Fall Yard Clean-Up

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-Worry-Free Yard Clean-Up

At Worry-Free Services, we know how essential spring and fall yard cleanups are for nurturing your lawn and landscaping through changing seasons. Our exterior cleaning services in Regina and the surrounding area encompass comprehensive spring and fall cleanup packages, meticulously ridding your outdoor spaces of leaves, twigs, and debris accumulated during the winter or summer months.
Our skilled technicians, armed with specialized equipment and refined techniques, undertake yard cleanups with the utmost precision and efficiency. Our commitment extends beyond cleanup – we ensure proper waste disposal, leaving your yard immaculate.
Beyond yard cleanup, our offerings extend to a full suite of lawn care services, including fertilization, weed control, mowing, trimming, and aeration. These services collectively contribute to maintaining a lawn that stands out in its beauty and health.
At Worry-Free Services, we share your desire for a stunning, healthy lawn and well-kept landscaping. Our spring and fall cleanup services are thoughtfully designed to support your yard's vitality throughout the year. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, collaborating with you to tailor a yard cleanup plan that aligns with your specific requirements and budget, and ensuring a yard that flourishes under our care.


The Ultimate Worry-Free Experience:Basic Package

Starting at $245/ MonthMonthly plan paid over 7 or 12 months *
● Lawn Mowing (Included) ● Weed Control (3 Visits) ● Fertilizer (3 Visits) ● Bonus: Vegetation Control (value +$100) ● Aeration ● Spring Clean Up (with power rake included) ● Fall Clean Up ● Window Cleaning (1 Visit) ● Gutter Cleaning (1 Visit) ● Year-Round Snow Removal
*Year-round snow removal is only for the 12-month plan


The Ultimate Worry-Free Experience:Premium Package

Starting at $295/ MonthMonthly plan paid over 7 months or 12 months *
● Ultimate Worry-Free Experience Basic Package (Included) ● Extra Window Cleaning Visit (+1) ● Extra Gutter Cleaning Visit (+1) ● Overseeding (1 Visit) ● Hedge Trimming (1 Visit) ● Bin Cleaning (6 visits)
*Year-round snow removal is only for the 12-month plan


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